Why Medicare Supplement Plan N is a Great Choice

Medicare supplement Plan N is gaining in popularity with many and for good reason. Medicare Plan N covers Medicare Part A—its deductible, coinsurance, Hospice care coinsurance or copayment, the charge for the first three pints of blood and skilled nursing facility care coinsurance. When it comes to Part B, it covers the coinsurance.

However, it does not cover Medicare part B and its annual deductible of $140 or excess charges above the “Medicare approved amount for Medicare part B.”
It is important to note that some are skeptical about choosing Medicare N and go with Medicare supplement plan F or G. However, even though there is less coverage, the premiums are lower. The main advantage with this plan is that it covers the biggest healthcare liabilities that face many of us with health care such as with hospice, hospitals and skilled nursing care. This plan offers more flexibility and freedom than most Advantage plan and in some cases it has lower premiums than some Advantage plans.

Medicare Supplement Plan N has other benefits such as foreign travel emergency and premiums are less than other supplements. If you choose this plan, you will be responsible for:

“• The Part B deductible – currently $147 annually
• Up to a $20 co-pay for a doctors visit
• Up to a $50 co-pay for an emergency room visit”

In addition, unlike most Advantage plans, you have standardized benefits from one company to the next and “are readily accepted by medical providers. It is important to note that you will have few out-of-pocket expenses; except for small co-pays for doctor and ER visits. The Medicare Supplement Plan N is not an annual plan and that means you will not have to re-enroll.

To conclude, this plan can be quite helpful; especially if your health is good and you like flexibility and fewer out-of-pocket expenses. To Get instant rates on Medicare Supplement Plan N and compare plans online enter your zip code below now.