Why Medicare Supplement Plan F is Best

Although some Medigap plans have changed over the last few years, Medicare Supplement Plan F is still one of the best choices of Medicare supplements for many people. Medicare Plan F is one of the most comprehensive and cost effective supplement plans available on the market today.

Basic Medicare coverage have many gaps that many people may need covered. Supplemental insurance for Medicare is especially necessary for the elderly and individuals with some pre-existing conditions who need special care. Medicare Plan F covers gaps in medical programs such as:

– hospitalization costs. Medicare Supplement Plan F pays the coinsurance gap that Medicare Plan A does not cover for hospital stays. The plan pays this for a full year after Medicare Plan A stops. It also pays Medicare Plan B coinsurance or the costs of outpatient services.

– blood. Plan F will pay for the first three pints of blood that an individual needs on an annual basis.

– hospice care. This plan will pay the Medicare Plan A coinsurance costs for hospices.

– skilled nursing. Plan F is one of the only plans that offers skilled nursing facility care.

Other things that Medigap Plan F covers include Medicare Plan A and B deductibles as well as the excess charges that sometimes occur with the Medicare Part B. You can also receive medical emergency help when you travel overseas under Plan F.

Medicare Plan F also offers the option for a “high deductible.” Although this may not seem like an advantage, the high deductible options come with lower premiums that actually serve some individuals much better. With the high deductible option, a person without a great deal of financial resources would only be responsible for saving up the deductible money in a lump sum instead of coming up with a high premium payment month after month.

Many people are living active lifestyles well into their 80s and 90s. Medicare Supplement Plan F premiums vary from company to company. Plan F is one of the Medigap plans that is meant for a long, active life. The plan also gives the peace of mind to know that all aspects of medical care will be covered.