The Benefits of Medicare Supplement Plan N

Medicare Supplement Plan N is becoming one of the most popular Medicare Supplement plans. Plan N is a trade off for senior citizens who feel they are relatively healthy. Because they are healthy they accept a manageable deductible amount and more co pays than in other plans. In exchange for these costs, they are charged a lower premium. The gamble is that their health will remain good and visits they make to the doctor will remain low in number.

Medicare Supplement Plan N Benefits
The benefits that Medigap Plan N provides are as follows.

– After original Medicare Part A coinsurance and hospital cost benefits are gone, Plan N participants get another full year of benefits. The extension is concurrent with the first year of coverage with no waiting time in between.

– Plan N covers Medicare Part B coinsurance or copayment costs, with the exception that some office visits have a $20 co pay fee. A trip to the emergency room has a co pay of $50. If the patient is admitted direct from the emergency room, the $50 co pay fee is not owed.

– During the plan year the cost for the first three pints of blood is covered under Medicare Medigap Plan N.

– If hospice services are needed, Medicare Supplement Plan N pays the coinsurance or copayment in full.

– If care in a skilled facility for nursing is required, Medicare Medigap Plan N pays the coinsurance in full.

– The Medicare Part A deductible is also fully covered under Medicare Medigap Plan N.

– Up to specified plan limits, foreign emergency travel costs are reimbursed under Medicare Supplement Plan N policies.

What Items Does Medicare Supplement Plan N Not Provide?

Medigap plan N does not cover any portion of the Medicare Part B deductible expense. It also covers none of the Medicare Part B excess charge expense category.

Where is Medigap Plan N Available?
This plan is the same as all other standardized Medicare supplement Plan N policies that are offered by various companies. If a state has approved for the sale of Medigap plan N policies in their state, any licensed private company has the option to provide the coverage. They are not required to offer the plan in the state. If they offer the plan to anyone it must be offered, during the open enrollment period, to anyone that wants the Medigap Plan N.