Supplemental Insurance for Medicare 2018

Supplemental Insurance for Medicare in 2018 is an important benefits program which can greatly assist people who are enrolled in Medicare. Medicare is a government-sponsored including two basic parts, A and B. Medicare pays for urgent and non-urgent medical expenses. However, certain elements of those costs – including co-payments, coinsurance and deductibles – are not covered. These items, known as “gaps” in Medicare coverage, can add up to large dollar amounts. For this reason, Medigap has become popular as a way to fill the Medicare gaps.

>Those who are enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B, with no other health insurance, are most often in the position to choose a Medigap Plan. For those who are going to be of age 65 within six months, it is to your advantage to begin looking at Medigap policies.

>Subscribers to a Medigap Plan which ends coverage through no fault of yours, may subscribe to another Medigap Plan.

There are others in the 65-year age range who may also find that Medigap is an option. It is crucial to know whether you have the right to subscribe to a plan for Supplemental Insurance for Medicare in 2018. We will discuss those rights here.

Medicare Advantage Subscribers: Who Can Switch?
Medicare Advantage (known as Medicare Part C) is a plan which substitutes for Parts A and B. Because Advantage Plan members are not in Medicare A or B, they cannot subscribe to a Medigap Plan. But if your Medicare Advantage Plan is ending its connection with Medicare; if it stops serving your area; or if you move out of its service area, you may switch to the original Parts A and B. At that point you are eligible to join a Medigap Plan.


Supplemental Insurance for Medicare 2018



>Medicare SELECT Subscribers: Who Can Switch?
Medicare SELECT is a policy almost identical to Medigap. However, it is a “managed care” policy, whose distinguishing feature is this: The subscriber must see providers approved by Medicare SELECT. Because of this limitation, Medicare SELECT policies are less costly.

If you move to an area not covered by your Medicare SELECT policy, you may keep the Medigap policy provided by the same company or choose another Medigap Plan in your new area.

If you left a Medigap Plan to join a Medicare Advantage or SELECT Plan, you may reverse this choice within one year.

>Medicare Subscribers With A Different Additional Plan: Who Can Switch?
You might, in addition to Medicare Parts A and B, have a health plan sponsored by your employer or union (including COBRA or a retiree plan). If this additional plan is ending, you have the right to find a Medigap Plan.

>If You Have Been Misled or Cheated by a Medicare Advantage or Medigap Plan
Under these circumstances, you are entitled to swtich to Medigap, or find another Medigap Plan in your area.

Medigap plans are offered by private insurers. Though each insurer offers identical coverages for each of the ten Medigap plan options, their charges can and do vary greatly.

For this reason, it is wise to consult the thorough and easy guide to Medigap plan selection by entering your zip code at the bottom of this page. In addition, our article on Medigap Plans Comparisons provides an excellent summary and guide. Both sites will prepare prospective and current Medicare subscribers to take best advantage of Supplemental Insurance for Medicare in 2018.

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