Shopping for Medicare Supplement Insurance

With so many choices, deciding on Medicare supplement insurance can be a challenge. A quick search shows nearly 50 companies offering some or all of the ten plans available. How do you decide which options are best? Should you stay with your current plan or change to one that seems less expensive? Our independent agents can help you shop around.

Price is only one consideration when selecting an insurance carrier because prices change every year. It is important to know how the plan you are considering is rated, or priced, not just how much it actually costs this year. You may not realize that a year or two from now that plan will be more expensive for you. You also will want to know how that price compares to other policies with the same coverage sold in your area. The least expensive type of plan could cost you more money in the long run.

Insurance companies will answer questions about their plans to help you choose the one best suited to you. But will sales representatives tell you that another company sells the same coverage for less? It isn’t their job to help you find the least expensive plan among their competitors. These are private companies, not the federal government.

Our independent agents can help you find the most cost-effective plan for you. We represent several, if not all, of the top companies and can find the lowest premiums for you at no charge. Every year, as you get your rate increase, we can help you decide if you should change plans. Staying with the first company you selected could cost you hundreds of dollars a year in the long term.

Perhaps you are just tired of keeping track and writing payments and want an all-inclusive plan. The company that had the cheapest Plan B a couple of years ago may not have the least expensive Plan F today. We can help you find out if there’s a better option.

If your health changes and your medical expenses go up or down, you may benefit from changing your coverage. We can shop around for you to see whether you will qualify for another company’s discounts. Your Medicare supplement insurance choice is an ongoing process, not a one-time decision. Let our independent agents help you wade through all the information and save you time and money.