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Medicare is a groundbreaking government health insurance plan. A social insurance program developed in 1965, it was designed to help seniors age 65 and over in handling the costs of health care. As helpful as this is, Medicare’s limitations have proven problematic to enrollees. If you are shopping for Medigap insurance you must get online Medicare Supplement quotes for 2018 from multiple carriers in your zip code to avoid paying too much on monthly premiums.

Medicare currently furnishes health insurance coverage to over 48 million Americans. The program addresses a broad cross-section of medical costs for enrollees 65 years and older, as well as for disabled individuals of all ages. Expenses saved through its services can be substantial.

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Online Medicare Supplement Quotes 2018

However, benefits received through Medicare cover about 48 percent of health care expenses for the average recipient. Charges and deductibles outside Medicare’s purview are significant. The 52 percent of costs not covered can seriously impact many family budgets.

It is therefore important for the current or potential Medicare enrollee to select an option towards expanding medical insurance coverage. Medicare does not pay for expenses such as deductibles, excess charges, foreign travel emergencies, co-payments and coinsurance, which consist of the following:

– Deductibles are amounts that the patient pays out of pocket before Medicare picks up costs.
– Excess charges above Medicare coverage are fees that non-participating physicians may charge.
– Foreign travel emergencies involve expenses outside the U. S. that Medicare does not cover.
– Co-payments are dollar amounts that providers are permitted to charge in addition to Medicare-specified coverage amounts. Coinsurance is calculated through percentages that providers may charge over Medicare coverage amounts.


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Filling In the Gaps
Such gaps as those described above can be addressed in large part through privately marketed Medical Supplement Insurance (Medigap) plans. Medigap coverage reforms began in the 1980’s, and have been ongoing. The program focuses on supplementing those Medicare deficits listed above.

Although Medigap is regulated by individual states, it is an extension of federal Medicare services. In order to qualify for purchasing a private Medigap policy, the subscriber must be enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B.

Subscriber Choices
Medigap is available through ten alternative plan options. Each plan is designated by a letter (A, B, etc.). Plans vary in terms of coverages provided. A subscriber needs to choose one plan, and is wise to carefully examine each. Details on Medigap plan options are clearly tabulated and easily readable at

Plan choices require the potential subscriber to review his or her current and projected needs. Different plans provide more or less coverage within the various medical expense categories. Once a plan option is designated, the potential subscriber must then select a company offering that plan. Although services covered by lettered plan options are consistent among companies, pricing can vary surprisingly from one company to the next. Since Medigap is state-sponsored, each state government has its own rules concerning procedures for offering and selling policies in its area. However, the state does not set fees for any company’s offerings.

In this regard, is of inestimable value. Online Medicare Supplement quotes for 2018 viewed on this site will clarify options for every current or potential Medicare subscriber living within any U. S. zip code. Plan option details are well defined at this website. In addition, the site enables the shopper to view premium disparities for identical plans among neighboring companies. Using this resource, the current or potential subscriber can select the Medigap plan which yields optimal benefits, both medical and financial.

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