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Medigap has been called the insurance plan for filling in health coverage gaps. Its name is derived from that very notion, that it takes care of medical expense that Medicare’s basic plan falls short of covering. We are going to look at how it does that, what Medigap Plans for 2018 are worth considering and how you can save some money on them.

The Coverage

There are two vital components to every insurance policy: the coverage and the price. Let’s examine what the Medigap plans cover first.

Now, there are 10 of them in all, and they cover a variety of different medical expenses, but they all pull from the same list of supplemental expenses.


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That list includes co-payments or coinsurance for Medicare parts A and B. These are expenses you would normally have to pay on your own for a number of different medical expenses.

It also covers the deductibles for Medicare parts A and B. These are expenses you pay out of your own pocket before your insurance plan covers you for anything. If you need medical treatment of any kind, you can bet that you will have to pay a deductible for it, and these plans can take care of that repeated expense for you.

The Medigap plans can also cover you for Medicare Part B excess charges. These are expenses beyond the scope of Medicare’s basic plan that applies to Medicare Part B services. Your Medicare plan will cover you for a variety of medical expenses, but it has limits on most of that coverage and once it reaches those limits and you still have more to pay, you will be glad that your coverage plan is taking care of it for you.

Further coverage from Medigap plans includes coverage for three pints of blood each year. That’s in addition to what Medicare’s basic plan covers, because it will take care of some of your blood costs for you, but with a Medigap plan, you can be covered for three more pints.

Medigap plans can also cover you for more hospital costs- up to 365 more days of costs than Medicare’s basic plan will. Once again, the original plan covers you for some of these costs, but it stops at a point, and that is where Medigap coverage comes in.

Finally, these plans can also cover you for foreign travel exchange. This relates to the cost of receiving emergency medical care outside of the United States. You will have to pay a deductible first, before you can receive any coverage, and you will only be covered for up to $50,000 for this expense in your lifetime.

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The Best Plans

Medigap offers potential subscribers a choice of 10 different plans. They range in coverage from low to high, so no matter what you are looking for out of one of these plans, you should be able to find it. Even if you need just a little extra coverage over what Medicare provides, these Medigap Plans for 2018 can provide it.

The ones that most people go for are the high-coverage plans, though. These plans cover more medical expenses than the rest, which makes them the most expensive plans out there. The costliest one by far is Plan F. It’s the one full-coverage plan on the list, and it covers all the items listed in the first part of this article. No other plan covers all that, and with that status as a full-coverage plan comes the price tag that befits it. Plan F is priced much higher than its counterparts, even though the coverage it offers isn’t a lot different from plans G and N.



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Plan G, for instance, covers all those above listed items except for the Medicare Part B deductible, which only costs $183. Plan N covers you for a bit less than that, asking that you pay the deductible, the excess charges from Part B of Medicare and some other minor expenses. All in all, there isn’t much difference in coverage from Plan F to plans G and N. The price difference is incredible, though, and that’s why we almost never recommend Plan F to anyone. No matter how much additional coverage you feel you need, Plan F is almost always going to cost you more than it is worth.

Medigap plans 2018That’s why you want to take time to carefully consider the various plans and what they have to offer and match them up against your needs. Plan G and Plan N offer the most value to their subscribers, giving them tons of coverage for what are usually reasonable rates.

Saving on Coverage

You don’t have to go with the first insurance company to offer you the plan you are looking for. There are lots of insurance companies out there offering the exact same plans as one another. They all have to stick to Medicare’s coverage rules for each plan, and that means that the coverage is the same no matter where you buy it from or how much you pay for it. That coverage won’t be changing through all of 2018, and you can start looking at it now and planning out which one to buy.

You should also start comparing prices and seeing who has the lowest price. We offer a free and fast way for you to do that on our website. Just go there when you know which plan you want to buy and you are ready to look for prices. Our free quote generator allows you to see several insurance premiums at once, all from different insurance companies that offer the plan you are looking for in your area.

This gives you the very best way to compare prices. There’s no faster or easier way to see what’s available and how much everyone is charging for the plan you want. It’s a simple matter to pick out the lowest price and ensure that you are saving money. Just keep coming back to our site to keep up with the rates as they change.

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