Medigap Plans 2016

Medigap Plans can be just as helpful as they are confusing. While the Medigap Plans for 2016 will be just as great at covering your medical expenses as they ever were, there are plenty to choose from, and their coverage can be a lot for many Medicare subscribers to sort through.

Finding the right one is a difficult task. So here are some helpful bits of information to make your decisions easier.

  • Every insurance company that offers these plans has the same coverage (i.e. Plan F is the same at one insurance company as it is at the next).
  • Prices can vary between insurance vendors, so choosing the best one is a matter of choosing the lowest price.
  • The coverage guaranteed by each plan will not change until at least 2017.
  • No plan can be considered the single best. Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses.
  • As long as you are a Medicare subscriber, you are eligible for Medigap plans in 2016

That covers the basics of these plans, but there is still the matter of what each plan offers. There are quite a few plans, so we won’t cover each of them here. Instead, we will focus on the ones that not only offer the most coverage but are also most often chosen by Medicare subscribers.

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Medigap Plan F for 2016

Let’s start this with Plan F- the one with the most coverage to offer. If you choose this plan then you can say goodbye to pretty much all of your medical expenses. It will take care of al deductibles, all nursing care, all excess charges and large portions of everything else. You may still have to pay a deductible for foreign emergency care or pay for some of your hospice care, but a lot of the essentials are covered as much as any plan can do for you.

Medigap Plan G in 2016

Next on the list is Plan G. This one comes with similar coverage to the all-inclusive Plan F. But it requires you fully pay the Medicare Part B deductible. It won’t give you any help with that, but that is only a $147 charge, so you don’t have a lot to be worried about. Plan G is quickly becoming a favorite plan in the Medicare community due to its outstanding coverage and lower premiums than Plan F. Be sure to use our website to get free, instant quotes for both!

Medigap Plan N

At the bottom of the high-coverage plan list is Plan N. This plan has a lot of the same coverage as plans F and G. With this plan, the Part B deductible is entirely yours to pay, as are any excess charges from Part B and certain co-payments that the other two plans cover. Your co-pays on Plan N will never be more than $20 per doctor’s visit, and if you visit the Emergency room there will be a $50 co-pay attached to this plan if you are not admitted.

Any one of these plans could adequately cover someone who has extensive medical bills to pay. But picking the right one will require a close emanation of plan coverage, budgetary allowance and personal medical needs. Your medical needs can change over time, so your best-fitting plan may change too. Don’t be afraid to change up your plan when you need to.

Find the Best Plan

But when you are sifting through the Medigap Plans for 2016, you want to try to plan ahead a bit. Attempt to get a plan that not just covers the bare minimum, but also gives you some extra breathing room if your health changes. That way you can keep the same plan at the low introductory cost you signed up for.

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