Medigap Plan F vs Plan G

Finding the right Medigap coverage plan can be a big decision for many seniors. They may be curious to learn about how they can set up these different plans for themselves. There are a few key differences between certain types of Medigap coverage plans. But the core idea is that they will provide supplemental coverage to anyone who is currently enrolled in Medicare Part A and B. Compare Medigap Plan F vs Plan G to see how you can save the most money.

Plan F vs Plan G

The reason why Plan F is so popular is because it pays for every expense that Medicare Part A and B does not. There are many people who may need this help, because they are anticipating some large medical expenses soon. For instance, if you have an on-going medical illness and you need to see your doctor often it is a very nice option to not have to worry about any bills. This plan allows you the peace of mind to focus on getting well, rather than wondering what is covered and what is not.


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Of course, with this kind of coverage there comes a price. You will pay a higher monthly premium with Plan F. For people who do not see their doctor often, or who are just trying to save as much money as possible there are likely some better options.

Plan G

Other seniors may want to take a look at what they can get through a Plan G in addition to their basic Medigap parts. This plan is identical to Plan F except for two things:

  • On Plan G you must pay the annual Part B deductible yourself out-of-pocket each year
  • Plan G has lower monthly premiums than Plan F

That’s it! Those are the only differences. And even after you pay the deductible yourself each year you will save money overall over Plan F due to those lower premiums. In some cases the savings can be quite substantial, particularly for people age 70 and over.

If every dollar counts in your budget then you should seriously consider Plan G over Plan F. Enter your zip code below to compare Medigap Plan F vs Plan G rates online instantly.


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