Medicare Supplements and Medigap Plans 2019

Supplemental insurance is ideal for seniors who already have the basic Medicare plan and who want more coverage than what that plan offers. The Medicare Supplements plans for 2019 will provide the kind of coverage a lot of seniors are looking for and save them money on their medical care.

We are going to show you what the Medicare Supplements for 2019 are offering and how you can sign up for them as quell as save some money on them.

What You’ll Be Covered For

With 10 different Medicare Supplements to pick from, you have a wide variety of coverage options. You could choose a low coverage or a high coverage plan. It’s up to you, but you want to choose one that fits you well and that meets your needs. Not all of them will be able to do that, so you need to sort through the lists of plans and find the best one for your situation.


tmedicare supplement plans 2019


We can’t just point to one of them and say that it is the best plan for everyone who needs supplemental coverage. A person’s needs and circumstances determine what kind of coverage would be ideal in their situation.

We can show you what these plans cover, though, so you get an idea of what you have to pick from.

One of the plans, Supplement Plan F, covers all of the supplemental expenses. If you were to get that plan, then you would be covered for the Medicare Part A copayment and the Part B copayment. These are expenses that you pay just about every time you visit the doctor’s office, go to the hospital or take a trip to the clinic. It would also cover you for the skilled nursing care coinsurance and hospice care coinsurance. These are expenses you pay each time you receive those kinds of services.

You can also be covered under this comprehensive plan for the Medicare Part A deductible and the Part B deducible. These are listed as two separate items, and many of the plans cover Part A’s deductible, but only two of them cover Part B’s That deductible is something you pay every year for your coverage, unless you have it covered by another insurance plan, such as one of the Supplement plans.

Plan F, as a full coverage plan, also covers you for blood each year. That’s three pints of blood, and it will be renewed at the start of the next year.

You can be covered as well for excess charges on Medicare Part B. This is not a common expense, but it comes in handy for those who can use it. Only a couple of plans include this kind of coverage.

Finally, the plans can cover you for foreign emergency medical transport, which is not very common for most people, but it is useful or those who travel frequently or who live near the border of another country.

These are all the coverage items provided by Plan F, and other plans come very close to offering the same level of coverage, but not quite match Plan F and what it has to offer. Of course, because Plan F covers so much for you, it also costs a lot, and it can be prohibitively expensive for many people, and even wasteful if they don’t need the full coverage it provides.

Plan G, Plan N and Plan C all offer similar coverage, but theirs is slightly less than what Plan F offers. They cost a lot less, in many cases, though, which is why we recommend them over Plan F, to most people. Plan F was the most popular plan or a while, but many people are starting to see that it doesn’t offer the same value and savings as some of the similar Supplement plans.


medicare supplement plans 2019


How You Can Sign Up for Supplements

If you are interested in the kind of coverage we just talked about, then you can start applying for a Medicare Supplement plan. You won’t be able to apply through Medicare, though, since they don’t sell the plans. Their role in the Medicare Supplements Plans for 2019 is that they oversee the plans and ensure that everyone follows the coverage guidelines. So, the insurance companies that sell the plans are not allowed to change the coverage on the plans in any way. Only Medicare can do that, and if they were to change the coverage, they would announce that change long before it takes place.

So, if you are wanting to apply for one of these plans, you have to apply through the insurance company you want to buy it from. You can’t just apply and expect to get bombarded with lots of offers. You can only apply for whatever a particular insurance company is offering in your local area. However, you can compare the prices to find the best one.

It should only take a matter of minutes to fill out the application form, and then you just need to wait to hear back from the insurance company as to whether you were approved or not.

You are guaranteed approval in some circumstances. For instance, if you apply during Open Enrollment, then you will be approved for whatever plan you chose. You have to be 65 years or older, of course to qualify for the plans, but that approval is guaranteed to you when you signup during the right times. Also, your preexisting medical conditions won’t be taken into account during Open Enrollment, which saves you (potentially) a lot of money.

So, when is Open Enrollment? For 2019’s Supplements, it starts on November 1st of 2018 and goes until December 15th. You have to apply in 2018 for the 2019 plans to take effect at the beginning of the following year.

You can also apply in the time around your 65th birthday, such as a few months before and a few months afterwards. If you are not sure if you are eligible or if you are applying at the right time, then you can always consult with an insurance agent to find out that information for sure.


Medicare Supplements and Medigap Plans 2019


You will not be able to get approval for a Supplement plan if you already have a supplement plan or if you have a plan that overlaps with the supplemental coverage. If you want the new plan, you will need to cancel your old one. Supplemental plans are compatible with Original Medicare (which is required), Medicare Part D and some union and employer plans.

Once you are signed up for a Supplements plan, you are locked into that plan until the term is up. Most terms run for a year, but you can make yours longer, if you like. Just be sure that you need that coverage for as long as you are signing up for.

Cut Costs with Supplemental Coverage

The best reason to sign up for a Medicare Supplements plan is because you will be saving money on healthcare with it. The cost of having our expenses covered by an insurance plan should be less than the cost of paying for them yourself, if you are going to sign up for any of the plans.

That means that you need to find the Medicare Supplements plan that fits your needs very well. If it covers too much and takes care of medical expenses that are not relevant to you, then it doesn’t make sense to sign up for it. In other words, even though people do save money with Medicare Supplement plans, not all of them are good choices for you. You’ll have to find the plan that suits you well and that you can afford.

In order to save as much money as possible with one of these plans, you will need to compare the cost of individuals plans. You can choose the one plan that fits you quite nicely and then source as many quotes as you can for it. That could take some time if you were to go to each of the insurance companies individually that are selling the plans. Instead, you should use a price comparison tool that you can find just by searching online for Medicare Supplements price comparisons. Use that free resource to search for the plan you want and find the prices on it. Then you can see who has the best rate.

You should keep in mind that the rates may change from provider to provider and from year to year, but the coverage remains the same until Medicare changes it. That should give you some confidence as you compare plans and prices. You can know that the coverage on a cheap plan will be the same as the coverage on an expensive plan of the same name.

Using the right Medicare Supplements plans for 2019 you can save money on your healthcare, as many seniors will do as well in the coming year. You just have to take the time to compare the plans and what they are offering and get the best deal possible.


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