How to Compare Medicare Supplemental Insurance Rates

Medicare Supplemental insurance rates vary greatly between companies, even if the coverage is identical. While this may only add to the Medicare confusion, in reality it actually makes choosing a Medigap policy even easier. When shopping for coverage there are just a few fundamental steps you should take to keep you out of harm’s way and make sure you save as much money as possible, while getting the very best coverage you can.

Step 1 – Use an Experienced Agent – Let Us Help!

When many people begin looking for Medigap coverage they immediately take to the internet or try reading through all the publications that they have received from Medicare and multiple insurance companies. This is a great idea as it is extremely important to get yourself educated on the different plans, their benefits, and how much it all will cost you.

We offer FREE, No-Obligation consultations to help answer all of your questions and make sure you have a thorough understanding of the coverage you will be getting. The great news is once it’s explained to you most people find that Medigap insurance is very easy to understand.

We are an independent agency that is authorized to offer the top Medicare supplement insurance companies and their products. And because rates differ by area, gender, and age it’s important to have as many options as possible when you compare Medicare Supplement Plans.

See What You Are Eligible for Based on Your Current Situation

Are you just now turning age 65? Are you disabled and only now just qualifying for your Medicare Part A and Part B insurance? Perhaps you are still working and you’re ready to retire, but have been on Part B Medicare for quite some time.  All of these situations are obviously different therefore the that are available in terms of plans and coverage are all different as well.

If you are turning 65 and qualify for Part A and B Medicare, you may get any Medigap plan you wish. (Keep in mind you still must check Medicare Supplemental Insurance rates from all carriers in your area!) Therefore, work with your agent to see which plan fits your needs best, as well as your budget and you can simply enroll with no medical underwriting. Pre-existing conditions do not matter.

Choose the Plan That Fits Your Needs Best

Some plans have 100 percent coverage, others have co-pays and deductibles. Which is best? Well as you might have guess, the more coverage the higher the premium each month. That being said, be sure to check rates for the most popular plans to see what your options are. Plans like F, G, and N seem to be the most popular for people on Medicare.

Medigap Plan F

Covers 100 percent of the gaps in Medicare Part A and Part B. Who doesn’t like 100 percent coverage?

Medigap Plan G

Offers 100 percent coverage after you pay the Part B deductible out-of-pocket first. This averages around $147 once per year. You will get lower premiums though to compensate and will likely save money over Plan F on this plan.

Get Rates From All of the Top Companies

Regardless of which plan you choose, it is absolutely imperative that you obtain quotes from all of the top companies. Use your agent! Agents do not cost any extra, however as long as they represent all the top companies you will get to see all of the plans available from top companies. If you do not take this step you could spend substantially more than you should for the same coverage. For instance a Plan F from one company might be a $115 in your zip code, however with another company it could cost $175 per month. Don’t get caught paying too much. Compare Medicare Supplemental insurance rates from all the carriers, save money and be protected.