Performing a Medicare Supplement Plans Comparison Is Important

For anyone just enrolling in Medicare and especially for those already on a Medigap plan it’s extremely important that you do a thorough Medicare Supplement plans comparison prior to purchasing any pocliy. In the realm of supplemental plans there is a myriad of offerings that seniors and eligible disabled persons must go through to get the best coverage to meet their needs. Read on to find what the differences and similarities are in three of the most commonly held plans: G, F, and N.

What Do The Plans Cover?

Coverage under Medicare Part A for each of these plans is identical. Insured individuals receive coverage for the Medicare Part A Impatient Hospital Deductible. The deductible amount changes each year, and applies to the first 60 days of coverage. Day 61-90 plan coverage is 25% of the Part A deductible, the balance is paid by Medicare. For hospital stays beyond 90 days a lifetime reserve of 60 days is present. During this period, the plans would pay 50% of the Part A deductible after Medicare payment. Once the lifetime reserve days are used, Medicare no longer pays for hospitalization, and supplement plan G, F, and N will pick up 100% of Medicare eligible expenses for an additional 365 days. From that point the insured would pay all expenses.

Additional Benefits

Skilled nursing benefits also fall under Part A benefits. Day 1-20 Medicare pays all approved amounts. For day 21-100 plan F, G, and N pay up to 12.5% of the cost (currently $148) per day. After day 100 the insured would pay all costs. Blood costs and Hospice care are also covered by Medicare.

Part B coverage includes office visits, medical services, and supplies. Plan F covers all Medicare approved expenses (generally up to 20%), the Part B deductible, and excess charges. Plan G does the same, but does not cover the annual deductible (currently $147). Plan N does not cover the deductible or excess charges. Additionally, plan N has a co-payment of up to $20 for office visits and $50 for emergency room visits.

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