Medicare Supplement Plan N

Medicare is health insurance for American citizens who have reached their 65th birthdays. It may also cover some people before the age of 65 if they have qualifying medical conditions. The third group contains those who are receiving dialysis for kidney failure or are in need of a kidney transplant.

Medigap Plans Fill in the Gaps

Once people begin receiving their Medicare coverage, they will learn that the health plan does not cover every possible medical expense. For this reason, they will need to purchase a secondary insurance plan that will fill in those gaps. Health plans that cover the gaps left by Medicare are called “Medigap plans.”

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The Benefits of Medicare Supplement Plan N

One Medigap plan is Medigap Plan N. Medicare Part A is the portion of a Medicare recipients’ health benefits that pays for hospitalizations. However, Medicare Part A charges Medicare recipients a co-insurance amount. Under Plan N, the co-insurance amount that patients are responsible for paying is covered. Also, Medicare Part A does not pay for hospitalizations forever. If a patient needs to remain in a hospital for more than a year, Plan N will pay for up to an additional 365 days.

Plan N also pays when people need to enter into hospice or a skilled nursing facility. However, these facilities also charge patients a co-payment or a co-insurance amount. Supplemental Plan N pays the entire cost of the co-payment or co-insurance in these cases.

Medicare Parts A and B Deductibles

Health insurance plans often require that people pay a deductible, and this applies to Medicare as well. For hospital stays, people will need to pay a $1,184 deductible for Medicare Part A. However, Supplemental Plan N will pay 100 percent of this amount for Medicare recipients. Medicare Part B also has a deductible, but it will not be covered by Medicare Supplement Plan N. The deductible for Medicare Part B will only be $147 for the year.

What Medicare Part B Covers

Medicare Part B is the portion that covers medical services outside of the hospital. These services include the following:

• Visits to the doctor’s office
• Services provided by other healthcare providers
• Outpatient care at a hospital
• The price of durable medical equipment
• Care provided inside the patient’s home
• Preventive care

What Plan N Covers and Does Not Cover

Under Medicare Part B, patients may be charged what are known as “excess charges.” These charges are the sole responsibility of the patient, and this remains the case when people have Supplemental Plan N as their Medigap coverage. However, Plan N does cover Medicare Part B co-insurance and co-payment charges, but there are a few exceptions. Some office visits are exempt from payment by Medicare Part B, and patients may need to pay a maximum $20 co-payment. If patients are seen in the emergency room but are not admitted, they will be required to pay a maximum $50 co-payment.

When traveling outside of the country, people can become ill or suffer an injury that will require emergent care. If this is the case, Medicare Supplement Plan N will provide coverage for emergency services according to the limits of the policy.

Who Can Purchase Medicare Supplement Plan N?

In order to purchase a plan N, Medicare recipients must have Medicare Parts A and B, also known as Original Medicare. Those who have chosen Medicare Advantage will not be able to add a Medigap plan to their health coverage, as by law you can only have one of the plans. If those on a Medicare Advantage Plan return to Original Medicare, they will be able to purchase Plan N.

Different insurance companies sell Medicare Supplement Plan N, so Medicare recipients will want to obtain quotes from different companies in order to find the best price. An extremely important thing to remember is the fact that companies offering Medicare Supplement policies all have identical coverage within each plan letter. Their premiums however, are all entirely different. This means if you fail to shop around you could end up paying a much larger premium for the exact same coverage depending on the company you choose. There is no cost to get expert help from one of our advisors and it saves a tremendous amount of work on your part as we shop all of the top companies in minutes to make sure you get the lowest premiums.


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