Medicare Supplement Plan F 2018

Medicare Supplement Plan F 2018 is the most popular because it’s very much like having a wristband at the fair, as we used to say.  When you were young, you bought a wristband, you can ride all the rides, if you bought a $ 20 wristband. Well, the Medicare Supplement Plan F in 2018 is very similar to that.

If you get a Medicare Supplement Plan F in 2018, anything that’s medically necessary and approved by Medicare, with any “gaps” or other bills paid by the plan. This includes all deductible, coinsurance, excess charges, and even an emergency foreign travel benefit.


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Most of the time, you will not experience any out-of-pocket costs. There are certain times where certain procedures are administered that are not medically necessary or approved by Medicare that you could be responsible for, however this is very rare.

Medicare Supplement Plan F 2018Medigap Plan F ranges in cost depending on age, gender, zip code and tobacco use.  A Plan F can be purchased through a local agent, or bought through a website such as ours, or even purchased directly through the company. It’s extremely important to consider having an independent Medicare Supplement agent help you. By independent, meaning they represent a great number of companies and not just one. By going direct to one company, how will you know you’re not overpaying without checking the rates of all the top companies? With an experienced agent you won’t have to worry about this.

Whether you use an agent or purchase a Medigap plan through the carrier, rates are identical. There’s also no extra fee for using an agent, you would pay exactly the same.  Not many people wish to call in to a big call center and have to wait 10-15 minutes possibly to speak with someone either. A great agent can handle things promptly and effectively for you, and give you personal service. Here at we can easily show you all the best options available for Medicare Supplement Plan F, then we’ll let you choose which company you think is best. There are several different insurance carriers who offer Plan F in your area, and by simply entering your information at the top of this page you can easily the rates from many of the top companies.

While Medigap Plan G and N are also plans that offer outstanding coverage, Plan F is still one of the most popular Medicare Supplement Plans on the market. Different states range all over coverage for entirely different prices. For instance in Florida, you may see some rates around $200 for 65-year-old, whereas in Texas the exact same plan may only average around $125 per month.

Finding the best rate, and company for a Medicare Supplement Plan F in 2018 is likely far easier than you think. A simple 15-20 minute conversation can help take the confusion out of Medicare. Enter your zip code at the top of the page and begin the process of finding the very best Medigap coverage for you.

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