High Deductible Medicare Plan F 2018

When you look at your medical expenses and see that they are too much for you to handle and you wonder if a supplemental plan is the way to go, you might consider Plan F. But one look at its premiums may convince you that it is the wrong plan for you. However, there is a cheaper alternative that offers the same coverage, if you are interested. That’s High Deductible Medicare Plan F 2018.

High Deductible Medicare Plan F 2018Now, High Deductible Plan F may not always be less expensive than regular Plan F. The premiums you pay out each month will definitely be less expensive, but you will have to pay a lot for that deductible when it is due ($2,180, to be exact). That’s a tradeoff you need to think carefully about. While regular Plan F has very high rates, those may not seem so bad if you are paying for that deductible over and over again. It’s a good idea to consult with your doctor about your health and what your coverage needs are before you decide on an insurance plan.

What It Covers

High Deductible Plan F comes with a lot of coverage. If you are familiar with the standard Plan F, then you should know that High Deductible Plan F offers you the exact same coverage. There is no difference in what medical expenses are covered and what aren’t with the two plans. The difference is in the cost of the plan.

For those who don’t know, Medicare Supplement Plan F is a full-coverage plan. That means that High Deductible Plan F is full coverage as well. There are no supplemental expenses left over once it provides its coverage.

That coverage includes taking care of most every copayment and deductible. You will still have to pay a deductible for the foreign travel exchange and the high deductible that come with the high deductible plan. The plan also covers you for the Medicare Part B excess charges, for nursing care coinsurance, for more pints of blood every year than Medicare covers and for foreign travel exchange. The final coverage from High Deductible Plan F takes care of 365 days of hospital expenses. That’s coverage beyond what Medicare offers, filling in the gaps that Medicare leaves behind.

This comprehensive coverage is exactly why so many people like high deductible Plan F or any version of Plan F. They know that with that coverage they don’t have to worry too much about their hospital expenses. Their coverage plan will take care of most of that for them. However, the high price of Plan F is what puts off most people from buying it, which is why High Deductible Plan F’s lower premiums are so attractive.


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Where to Buy It

You can purchase High Deductible Plan F from the same places you would get regular Plan F. It’s available through many private insurance companies, and some of the bigger names in medical insurance carry it regularly. It is not as common as Medicare Supplement Plan F, but High Deductible Medicare Plan F is still a popular plan and it continues to be more popular as more and more people realize just how expensive Plan F is compared to the other Medicare supplement plans.

Like any other supplement plan, High Deductible Plan F in 2018 won’t be sold by Medicare directly. Only private insurance companies will carry it, but those companies have to abide by Medicare’s direction when it comes to coverage for each plan. They cannot just change the coverage to suit their price point or to fit their customers’ needs. If you don’t like the coverage High Deductible Plan F offers, then you should seek out a different plan.

If you don’t like the price, however, you can simply find another company selling the same plan for less. There are lots of companies selling it, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find one at a decent price. However, going from one company to the next to find out the prices is a time-consuming process. It’s much simpler to just use our website to find the best rates.

Now, we don’t sell any medical insurance plans, but we do know how much they are selling for. Our powerful quote tool can help you quickly and easily find out the going rate for the plan you want. If you would like to know what the rates are for High Deductible Plan F, you can come to our site and enter that plan into our generator.

It never costs you anything to do so. We run our site for you free of charge. There’s no obligation to sign up for any of the plans with any of the providers we have featured here either. We offer a simple way to find out what several companies in your area are charging for the plan you want, and there is nothing for you to sign up for our buy to access that information. This is an incredibly easy way to get important information that will help you to make an informed decision.

Who Needs High Deductible Plan F?

Now this coverage plan is not for everyone. Plan F in its standard form is an expansive plan designed to suit the needs of people who have a lot of medical expenses to pay. Medicare may cover them for lots of medical costs, but they have plenty more left over and only Plan F has enough coverage to protect them from going into debt. However, Plan F is quite expensive. The premiums that come with it are far more expensive than on any other plan, even those with similar coverage.

That’s why High Deductible Plan F for 2018 is a good idea for some people. It offers the same coverage as the standard Plan F, but with a much lower price tag on premiums. With High Deductible Medicare Plan F, you pay a lot less every month for medical care. You will have to pay that pricey deductible, but you can still save money by choosing this plan.

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