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Have you looked at your budget and wondered how you are going to be able to pay your next medical bill? What about the one after that and the one after that? Your health may not improve considerably over time if you are a senior, and you may always struggle to pay these healthcare bills each month, but not if you have the right insurance coverage. When you sign up for Medicare, you get some basic coverage that will take care of a lot of your healthcare costs, but that may not even be enough. We suggest looking at Medicare supplement plans, then compare Medicare Supplemental Plans for 2018 to ensure you enjoy the most savings you can.

Start with the Coverage

There are two basic ways you need to compare these plans. You need to compare how much they cover and how much they cost. We are going start with the coverage, because that is the most important part. If it doesn’t offer the kind of coverage you need, then it doesn’t matter how much it costs, because it’s not a good deal for you. Coverage is key to choosing the right plan, and you need to be careful to compare the various plans so that you can see the small differences between them and make the right choice for your situation.


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It’s basically up to you how much coverage you get. You can’t custom build a plan to your specifications, but you can choose from ten different plans, all with varying degrees of coverage, to find the right plan for your particular circumstances. No matter how much or how little additional coverage you need, there should be a plan that fits you pretty well. Some of the differences in coverage between the plans can be really minor, though, and we suggest you take time to look at each of them in turn. Or at least look at the ones that apply most to you and your needs.

What we mean by that is that there are high coverage and low coverage plans. Most people will go for the high coverage ones- plans F, G and N. But you may not need that level of coverage. These take care of almost all the Medicare supplemental expenses, but there will be plenty of people who only need a little more coverage than what they get with the Medicare basic plan, so high coverage plans aren’t really a good idea for them. They are excessive and waste of money. The low coverage plans would be a better choice for a lot of people, and you should have an idea of which category you need coverage from and then just concentrate your efforts and examination of coverage on those plans.

As you compare Medicare Supplemental Plans for 2018, you need to be aware of your own needs. You also need to know the extensive list of coverage that they all take their coverage from. You could be covered for any or all of the following, depending on the supplement plan you choose:

  • Deductibles- You can be covered for the Medicare Part A deductible as well as the Part B deductible. These are considered two separate items, so some plans will cover you for one and not the other. The Part B deductible is far less common to get covered by supplement plans.
  • Copayments- You may know these by the name coinsurance, and they can include the separate items Part A coinsurance, Part B coinsurance and nursing care coinsurance. As with the deductibles, some plans will cover one and not the other. Some plans may also only cover parts of the copayments, like 50% or so.
  • Blood- You can be covered for up to three additional pints of blood a year. This is above and bendy the blood provided in the basic Medicare plan.
  • Excess Charges- This only applies to excess charges for Medicare Part B services, and that is something you would only have to worry about if your healthcare provider charges you more than the recommended maximum for Part B services.
  • Foreign Emergency Travel Coverage- If you need to be transported for emergency medical care outside the United States’ borders, you could be covered by some supplement plans as well. You will need to pay the deductible, though, and none of the plans cover you for more than 80% of this expense.
  • Hospice Care- This is one of your large expenses for medical care as a senior, and you get 365 days of supplement coverage with most supplemental plans.

Then Check the Price

Compare Medicare Supplemental Plans 2018Once you have chosen a plan based on the coverage it offers, it is time to compare prices for it. You might not realize that individual plans come with different prices. That’s because the plans are sold by private insurance companies. Medicare is very hands off about the pricing and what plans companies can offer. It has a few basic guidelines for some of this, but the prices are basically up to the individual insurance companies.

So, if you want Plan F, for example, you may find that once you compare the prices on it, there is a wide range of possible rates. You aren’t going to pay the same rate at any two insurance companies on the same plan, most of the time. That means you need to be careful about who you choose to do business with. Some of them may be charging you far more than the average for coverage you can get elsewhere.

You ought to know that coverage doesn’t change from one provider to the next. They can charge you what they like for their supplement plans, but that doesn’t alter the coverage at all. So, fell free to compare Medicare Supplemental Plans for 2018 and get the best deal you can without having to worry that the coverage will change on you. You may find that you can afford the coverage you need to have for your medical care.


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