Compare Medicare Supplement Plans 2019

If you would like to get a supplemental medical insurance plan that covers you like you need to be covered and doesn’t cost overly much, then you will want to compare Medicare Supplement plans for 2019. These plans can offer you a lot of great coverage, but you will only be able to enjoy that coverage at a good price if you compare the plans. There are a couple different ways they need to be compared, and we are going to show you what you need to do in order to compare them properly.

Why Should You Be Comparing Plans?

You might be wondering why you need to go through the trouble of comparing the 10 different Medicare Supplement plans. After all, shouldn’t there be a best plan someone can just point you to? Unfortunately, that’s not the case, and you will need to look through the plans to find the one that works best for you.


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The plan that worked well for someone else may be a horrible choice for you, as it may not cover enough expenses for you or it could be too costly to fit your budget. You need to carefully balance the cost and the coverage of these plans in order to find the most suitable one.

The advantage to doing that and putting in the time and effort it takes to compare the plans is that you save money by getting the best deal. You also enjoy better coverage- coverage that is suited to you specifically. There is a reason for there being 10 plans in all. It’s because there needs to be plans diverse enough to fit everyone’s unique needs.

You may not find one that is a perfect fit, but you should find one that’s reasonably close. And if you get a plan with just a little extra coverage than what you need, you can enjoy a little cushion of coverage that keeps you safe from unexpected expenses when they pop up.

If you look at the Medicare Supplement plans, you will likely see that there are a few differences between many of them. The differences tend to be quite small with some of the plans, and it may seem inconsequential to choose one over the other. However, those small items of difference can start to add up in time. A single item of coverage provides you coverage, in most cases, for the rest of the year. That adds up from month to month, resulting in a loss or savings over time. Can you afford to make no big deal over a single item that could lead to thousands of dollars in savings or thousands of dollars in loss for you?

This is why you need to compare the plans. It’s time to find out how to do that.

Comparing Coverage

Each of the Medicare Supplement plans has different coverage from each other. Some plans offer high coverage and take care of a lot of medical expenses. Others offer low coverage and only cover a few supplemental costs. Those lower coverage plans may only cover some items up to 50 or 75%.

You don’t have to compare the coverage on all these 10 plans, though. You can just focus on the ones that apply to you. For instance, if you have a lot of medical expenses you are paying for out of your own finances, then you probably need a high coverage plan. That’s going to be something like Plan F, G or N. The plans cover a ton of supplemental expenses, and you don’t need to bother looking at the lower coverage plans that only cover a few things, if you feel you need a lot of coverage.

Conversely, if you are mostly covered by your Original Medicare plan, but you feel you could do with a bit more coverage for some supplemental expenses, then a lower coverage plan would be ideal. You needn’t worry about the higher coverage plans and what they are offering, since they don’t apply to you.


compare medigap plan f vs plan g 2018


You have to compare Medicare Supplement Plans from 2019 that apply to you, and when you do, you will start to notice the small differences in coverage that they contain. These plans can cover you for exposes such as copayments (or coinsurance), deductibles, excess charges, emergency medical foreign travel costs, blood use, nursing care and more. You have to determine which of those items you need to have covered. Not all of them apply to you, but they could apply to you later.

You should assess where you are health-wise and financially right now. Talk to your doctor about what kind of medical services you may need in the coming year and look closely at what you are paying for right now. That should help you figure out what you need to prepare for. Remember that you may do well to have a bit more coverage than just covering what you are paying for at the moment. You may want that extra cushion of coverage to provide for emergency medical care and unexpected costs that crop up from time to time.

Comparing Prices

You don’t just want to stop at comparing the coverage on the plans. Once you have decided what plan is a good fit for you coverage-wise, then you need to find the lowest priced version of that plan. You won’t find a standard price assigned to Medicare Supplement plans. Pan F, for example, can be higher priced in one state than it is in another. It can also be priced differently from one insurance provider to another.

The Supplement plans are sold by private insurance providers, and they all get to set their own rates on these plans, so that means that the rates can be basically whatever they want them to be. Some are going to price their plans high, while others will be looking to give their subscribers a good deal. You need to sort through them to find the most suitable plan at the best price that you can.

That means sourcing a bunch of quotes to see who has the lowest price. Not all insurance providers are going to offer you a reasonable price for the plan you are wanting. You don’t want to give up after just looking at a rate or two. Find out what the average price is and see how far below it you can go by looking up multiple plan offers.

You might be concerned that the insurance companies are going to change the coverage these supplemental plans have when they raise or lower the prices from the average, but that’s not something that you need to worry about. You see, Medicare has made sure that no insurance company selling the plans is able to change these plans. These are Medicare’s plans, after all, even if they are into the ones selling hem. They do regulate supplemental insurance, though, so you can always be sure that you will get the same coverage no matter where you are buying the plan from or what price you are paying for the plan.

For instance, Plan F will always be the full coverage plan it is promised to be, even if you get a really good deal on it. You can compare rates on Plan F and other supplemental plans using a price comparison service. You’ll find these online by doing an internet search for price comparisons on Medicare Supplement plans.

Be sure to compare Medicare Supplement plans for 2019 to avoid being taken advantage of and paying too much for the coverage you need. Just because you need a certain Medicare plan, that doesn’t mean that you have to pay top dollar for it. There is no benefit to you for doing that, so try to avoid costly over payment by comparing coverage and prices on all the Medicare plans that apply to you.


compare medigap plan f vs plan g 2018