Best Medigap Plans for 2018

One of the questions that keeps coming up when people are looking into supplemental plans for their Medicare insurance is: What are the best Medigap plans for 2018?” But there is no simple answer for that.

You can’t just pick out one plan and say that it is the one that everyone should be using. That’s because each plan is right for a different kind of person. There are people who are going to benefit most from Plan F and others who would be wasting their money if they subscribed to that plan. If you are concerned about which plan you should be using, then we can help by filling you in on the coverage you will get from some of the more popular plans.


Plan F is a plan with the maximum allowable coverage. It takes care of extra blood for you each year, extra hospital stay coverage, nursing care, coverage for most of your travel expenses for foreign medical care, all of your co-payments and all of your deductibles and the excess charges from Medicare Part B. This plan is for really sick people who need constant treatment.

But Which Medigap Plans in 2018 are Best?

best medigap plans for 2018And if you choose Plan G, you will get nearly as much coverage. This plan covers all of the above except for a single deductible that comes from Medicare Part B. This plan is ideal for people who have some major medical problems but don’t have to go to the hospital very often to have them treated. Each hospital visit requires that Part B deductible be paid, so if that is not a recurring expense, then this plan is perfect.

But for some, Plan G is still too expensive and has too much unnecessary coverage. For those people, Plan N may be more suitable. This plan offers the same coverage as plan G except that it also asks that policyholders pay for any Part B excess charges as well. This plan is well suited to people who need regular treatments, but those treatments are not terribly costly and will mostly be covered by base Medicare.

As you can see, each of these plans works well for different kinds of people. Looking at your own needs will help you determine which ones are the best Medicare supplement plans for you.

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