Best Medigap Plans 2018

Choosing among the many available plans to find the best Medigap Plans for 2018 is not something you should do lightly. You won’t find any quick and easy answers for finding the best plans. You have to look at not only your own medical and coverage needs but also the kind of coverage being offered by the supplement plans.

They cover expenses not already covered by the basic Medicare plan. That includes all of the following:

  • Extra blood annually
  • Co-payments from Medicare parts A and B
  • Deductibles from Medicare parts A and B
  • The Medicare Part A hospice care copayment
  • The Medicare Part B excess charges
  • Foreign travel exchange (which comes with a limit and deductible)
  • Expert nursing care

Obviously, not all the Medigap Plans will cover all of these expenses. If they didn’t, then they would all be the same plan. There are 10 different plans available right now, though you won’t find every plan from every insurance company.

best Medigap Plans 2018

One of the plans does cover all these expenses, and that’s Plan F. It also costs the most, so that’s the tradeoff you have to live with, if you choose this plan. Plan G and Plan N cover a bit less, but still fall into the high-coverage plan range. These three plans- F, G and N- are ideal for people who have a lot of medical expenses and who need regular treatment. They have a lot of healthcare costs to deal with, and they need that extensive coverage these plans offer. The best Medigap Plans for 2018 for them are high-coverage plans.

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For someone else- someone who has few medical needs and who only visits the hospital infrequently- a low-coverage plan may suffice. Or, they may not need any supplement plan at all. It is important to understand that not every needs one of these plans or would benefit from signing up for one of them. They are only meant for people who are not as fully covered for their medical expenses as they need to be by the basic Medicare plan.

If that basic plan works well enough for you and you can easily afford your other medical expenses that are left over, then you don’t need a supplement plan. For everyone else, it would be beneficial to take some time and examine the 10 plans that are out there. Some of them offer great coverage at a great price.

How much you end up paying for one of them will really determine where you buy it from. Your location and the insurance company you choose will factor in to how much individual plans cost. Simply choosing a different provider for your plan can drastically change the price, even if the coverage stays the same. That’s something to consider as you look for the right plan for you.

The best Medigap Plans for 2018 are not going to be simple to sort out for most people. It will take some time and effort to sift through the 10 plans and choose the most suitable one.