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Finding the Best Medicare supplemental insurance in 2018 will usually involve companies such as AARP, Aflac, Mutual of Omaha, Cigna, and Aetna who sell Medigap coverage. This is coverage that is sold by a private company to cover expenses that the original Medicare coverage does not cover.

Basically, Medicare supplements are designed to pay for the share of health costs that Medicare does not pay. Eligible participants are those who already have Medicare Part A or Medicare Part B plans.

Medigap policies cover only one person, so each person in a household or family will need to apply. These policies, sold after January 1st of 2006, do not cover prescription drugs but there are other plans that do, such as Medicare Part D, the prescription drug plan.


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A variety of companies sell these Medigap plans but make sure the company you are looking at is licensed in your state. Insurance companies have different financial ratings and sell a variety of other products, like life insurance, prescription drug coverage and more. It is important to note that all companies have the same supplemental plans, but they charge very different rates. It is important to shop around, an independent agent can be a great help in this situation, as they can help you compare and choose the best option for your needs.

Our independent agents are licensed in several states and have a great deal of experience with many of the top companies. They can tell you about premiums in your state and the amount of coverage offered. For no cost to you it’s well worth it to get the benefit of having an experienced expert walk you through this process to make it easy for you.

Companies such as AARP are certified by United Healthcare. This is the only plan endorsed by the AARP and the insure the largest number of Medicare supplement enrollees in the country. Aetna, Mutual of Omaha and United Healthcare all made the list of the top Medigap plans last year.

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