AARP Medicare Supplement Plans for 2018

AARP is offering insurance plans to give Medicare subscribers additional coverage for the policies they already have. These AARP Medicare Supplement Plans in 2018 are the same ones that they have had in the past.

The plans don’t tend to change from year to year, but the premiums you pay on them may. That’s why you will want to check on the plans you have been interested in before to see how their rates may have increased since the last time you looked at them.

AARP is primarily known for its lobbying efforts for seniors and retired people. It also works as a consumer advocacy group that advises seniors as to what health precautions they should take, what merchandise they should use and what kinds of strategies they should use to maintain and control their finances. But there is a business side to the organization, and these supplemental plans are a big part of that.


aarp medicare supplement plans 2018


They are intended to help people cover their medical bills and reduce the amount of money they pay out each year for their healthcare. The supplemental plans that most people tend to choose are plans F and N. These high-coverage plans take care of the majority of most people’s medical expenses.

These AARP Medicare Supplement Plans in 2018 cover such expenditures as traveling costs to foreign countries for medical care, some additional blood each year, co-payments, deductibles, care at a nursing facility and more. Plan F covers every supplemental item that Medicare only pays part of or none of. And Plan N covers all of that save for a single deductible and the excess charges from Medicare Part B.

While the standard Medicare supplemental plans offered by AARP can be a good way to cut back on how much people pay for their medical bills, they may still not cut back the costs enough. The premiums for these plans may be too expensive for some Medicare subscribers. That is why there are also Select Medicare Supplement Plans.

These are plans that work much the same way as regular supplemental plans. They still offer more coverage over basic Medicare. But they are offered at a lower cost than typical supplement plans. They can be ideal for people who struggle to pay their premiums but still need that coverage.

People who are looking for AARP supplement plans in 2018 will be happy to know that all the research they may have done before on the plans isn’t going to waste, and the plans aren’t changing. AARP is still keeping their same plans, and the most popular ones- F and N- aren’t going anywhere or changing the amount of coverage they offer. Some of the prices may have gone up, but the coverage remains.

If you are looking into AARP Medicare Supplement Plans in 2018, you should still look carefully at what each plan offers. But don’t just look at coverage. You should also consider how much the premiums are. And if you find that you need the coverage from a plan that is too expensive for you, then you can always ask an AARP advisor about your eligibility for Select Medicare Supplement Plans.

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