AARP Medicare Supplement Plans 2019

What does AARP have to offer you for supplemental coverage? We’re going to take a look at the insurance plans from one of the most well-regarded senior service companies in the country. You will be able to take a look at when you compare AARP Medicare Supplement Plans for 2019 is offering and then make a decision as to whether their plans are right for you or not.

AARP and Medicare Supplements

We want to make sure you understand first of all that AARP isn’t offering anything unique with their Medicare Supplement Plans. They don’t have any plans that no one else has, nor do they have a monopoly on pricing or special coverage benefits that you can’t get anywhere else. They may have some member benefits that you might enjoy and a reputation for customer service that makes them an appealing choice, but as far as actual Medicare coverage goes, they are not allowed to sell anything unique.



Like everyone else, they have to abide by Medicare’s rules about coverage on the supplement plans. These are coverage plans that add more coverage to what the basic Medicare plan offers. They are only available through private insurance companies such as AARP and their competitors. Medicare won’t be selling them to you directly, so don’t expect to get a special Medicare version of these plans.

What you get with AARP is a list of plans that draws from Medicare’s list of ten supplements. These are all plans that cover expenses the basic plan does not, filling it some of the gaps in healthcare coverage that it leaves for you. They can be very useful for those people who are paying a lot out of pocket for their medical care.

They aren’t for everyone, for sure, but for those they can help, they can save them a lot of money and prevent them from having to worry much about meeting their healthcare needs.

Becoming eligible for AARP’s Medicare supplement plans works the same way as it does gaining eligibility for Medicare supplement plans elsewhere. You just have to be 65-years or older and have the basic Medicare plan. You can sign up for both the Medicare basic plan and the supplement plan at the same time, if you like, but you have to buy them at two separate places.

You can only sign up for a single AARP Supplement plan at one time, and you want to make sure you choose the right one. AARP has terms set up for each of its plans, and if you want to break your plan’s term and cancel your plan or switch plans part of the way through the term, it can cost you. That’s why we recommend you look closely at your options to choose the one that is right for you the first time.

Let’s take a look now at some of your AARP Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 options.

The Coverage

With ten plans to choose from, you have a lot of choices when it comes to coverage. You don’t have to settle for a plan that doesn’t fit you very well. There are lots of these plans to choose from, and finding one that’s a good fit for you shouldn’t be too much trouble.

You may have to look through a few of them before you find one that you are happy with, though. We suggest looking at the end of the coverage spectrum that best fits your situation. For example, if you pay a lot in out-of-pocket healthcare costs, then you probably want a high coverage plan. That would be either plan F, G or N. These are actually the most popular of the medical supplement plans, and they cover you for more healthcare costs than any of the other plans would.

They can cover you for hospice care, for your copayments (Both Medicare Part A and Part B), for deductibles (both Medicare Part A and Part B), for nursing care coinsurance, for pints of blood, for excess charges and for foreign travel exchange (emergency medical transport in foreign countries).

Only Plan F covers all those items, and the other plans will only cover most of those for you. Plan G, for example, covers all the items on the list except for the Medicare Part B deductible. That single charge may not amount to much, but if you have to pay it a few times throughout the year, then you probably want to go with Plan F to have it covered.

Plan N covers almost all the same items as well, but it would ask you to pay for the Part B deductible too. You also need to pay for Part B excess charges (which are not common) and some small copayments for some of your healthcare facility visits.

These are just the high coverage plans we have covered so far, but we think they are worth talking about, since they are the ones that most people not only look up but also sign up for. You may be better off with a low coverage plan, and we urge you to look at those if you have your medical expenses fairly well covered by your current insurance plan.

If you have another medical insurance plan, beyond the basic Medicare one, then you will probably have to drop it, if you want to sign up for one of the Medicare Supplement plans.

AARP is offering a lot of the ten different plans, but not all of them. No insurance company sells all ten, so you will have to choose your plan and then pick a provider based on whichever has your plan you chose at the best price. AARP may have what you are looking for, but they may be charging more than you want to pay for it, and it is worth your while to compare prices and try to get the best one for the coverage plan you like. Just be sure to look at the AARP Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 plans, since these are highly regarded insurance coverage options.


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