AARP Medicare Supplement Plans 2018

You likely know about AARP, as they are the foremost provider of a variety of senior services, but we are going to look specifically at the AARP Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 and what they have to offer.

What AARP Does

AARP has been around for decades providing seniors and retirees with some excellent services. They do a lots of charity work and offer many complimentary services, but they also provide paid services such as insurance, counselling and customized wellness plans. They have been at the forefront of senior care and services for a while now, and they are the most trusted name in elderly products and services.

Their insurance offerings are as robust as the rest of their company. They work with a lot of different affiliates to ensure that they are offering the kinds of insurance products their customers want in as many locations as possible. Just about anywhere you go in the United States, you will find senior insurance offerings from either AARP or one of their subsidiaries or affiliates.


AARP Medicare Supplement Plans 2018



Their insurance plans include Medicare’s Supplemental plans. These provide insurance that is able to cover additional medical expenses the base Medicare plan cannot.

What Medicare Supplements Cover

The Medicare plans will take care of many different medical expenses. You can be covered from everything from deductibles to excess charges. They also cover co-payments, nursing care coinsurance, foreign travel exchange, pints of blood and some of your hospital stay expenses.

AARP Medicare Supplement Plans 2018


The coverage varies from plan to plan, with only Plan F covering all the expenses we listed already. Plan G comes close when you compare their coverage, taking care of all of the above except for the Medicare Part B deducible. Everything else is covered by this plan, making it a near full coverage plan. That might make you think that it would cost almost the same as Plan F, but in reality, Plan F is often priced much higher. That’s why Plan G is the most popular Medicare supplement plan right now. People realize that it can save them a lot of money.

Plan N is another high-coverage plan, and it will cover most of the supplementary expenses. What it leaves its subscribers to pay is the excess charges and deductible of Medicare Part B as well as some small co-payments here and there.

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Which Plan to Choose

Now that we have looked at some of the higher coverage plan and you have a good idea of what’s available, let’s talk about which plan is right for you. If you have a lot of medical expenses left to pay after you receive your coverage from the basic Medicare plan, then you want to go with a high-coverage plan. The AARP Medicare Supplement Plans for 2018 include a couple high-coverage plans, but Plan G is not among them. Despite being the most popular of the supplement plans, AARP hasn’t seen fit to include it in its lineup yet. Some of its subsidiaries and affiliates may offer the plan, but not AARP proper.

We hope this changes in the future, as AARP is a popular and trusted insurance provider and Plan G is the most in-demand supplement plan. It makes sense of them to carry the plan, particularly because it is the plan with the ability to save people the most money.

That’s not to say that Plan G is inarguably the best coverage plan out of all the supplemental Medicare offerings, but it does offer the most value per dollar. Right now, AARP isn’t offering the plan, nor has it announced any plans to start offering it. That may change in the future, and we hope it does.

If you want to know when AARP starts to offer this plan and how much it will cost, you can check with us regularly. On our site, you will find a way to see what the best prices are on the plan you want. You can search for Plan G there, for example, and see several quotes from insurance companies selling the plan in your area. AARP won’t be among them just yet, but once it does start to sell Plan G, you can bet that this insurance provider will show up in our search engine. We source our quotes from all the best insurance companies out there that have the plan you want available at that moment. We give you up-to-date prices and ensure you get accurate quotes that you can use.

It’s possible that AARP will be coming out with a Plan G in 2018. We’d love to see that happen, as we are sure many Medicare subscribers and AARP members would as well. People trust AARP to provide excellent service and great member benefits, so them selling Plan G would make them one of the go-to providers for that plan. When people see AARP’s name, they often associate it with quality products and services, and Plan G would be a perfect fit alongside the other products they offer. Right now, though, there isn’t a Plan G being sold through AARP.

You can always go with one of the other plans they have available, if you want to get your supplemental coverage through AARP. You should still use our site, though, to check the prices and ensure that you are getting a good rate for the plans. We offer what is certainly the best way to see multiple quotes at once. It will save you a lot of time and effort to do your price shopping here at our site. And we won’t charge you at all for this service, nor is there any obligation to sign up for one of the plans once we give you your search results.

In fact, we urge you to keep coming back to the site to stay abreast of price changes and whether or not AARP is offering a Plan G. We are your best source to get the latest information on rates for AARP Medicare Supplement Plans for 2018.

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